Guarded Interow Sprayers

The CBS Interow covers follow the contours of the ground (on steel skids) and are fully adjustable for width.

The CBS (Multirow) interow comes with hydraulic folding action.

The CBS/PB model has a polythene brush shielded "skirt" and the covers are carried on solid wheels - for use in row crops grown through polythene (mulch) e.g. strawberries. Various range of widths available for both models.

Complete Interow Sprayer (model CBS/SS) fitting onto the rear of tractor 3 point linkage c/w tank, pump and controls. Covers fully adjustable for width. A special ribbed wheel gives a self-steering capability - for use in row crops. e.g. lettuce, carrots, wallflower plants, etc.

The Alleyway Sprayer (model CBSA) which has a rubber skirt and is fully adjustable for width. (3 models available) - working on the rear 3 point linkage tractor mounted tank frame.

Trailed 250 litre 12v Sprayer.

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