Accessories & Components

A full range of rotational moulded polyethylene tanks are available.

We also supply diaphragm and rollervane pumps, control systems (manual and electric) together with bandsprayer kits for drills (seeders) and cultivators.

Specialist Equipment Portable Sprayer

For the holticulturalist, groundsman, large garden owner, Pedestrian operated, or can be tractor towed. Choice of 70 ltr. or 90 ltr.tank in steel frame on pneumatic wheels. Honda 4 stroke engine driving chemical pump with full filtration, plus pressure control. Choice of booms and / or reel with hand lance.

CB - Portable Sprayer - Pedestrian Operated

  • Honda engine driven pump.
  • 'Turf Tyres' (LGP) for ease of pushing or pulling.
  • Model with single reel, handlance & 50 metres piping illustrated.
  • 250 ltr. tank with full filtration etc.
  • Different attachments available.
  • Can be towed with small tractor.

CB - Portable Sprayer - Pedestrian Operated

  • Illustrated with 90 ltr. tank and 8 metre boom.
  • Easily pushed or pulled.
  • Honda engine driven pump.
  • Different booms available.
  • Unique folding mechanism (manual) with 'break-back when in working position.

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